Despite being in Covid Tier 4, we are permitted to admit cats into care that are in an 'unsuitable environment.' 

We can also re-home cats within in our branch geographical area. Our volunteers are all trained in hands-free homing procedures to collect and deliver cats, avoiding any risk to themselves and members of the public. 

Unfortunately, our shops remain closed.



Tell the government to ACT NOW on microchipping.


Cats Protection in Worthing & District takes in many lost cats without microchips – despite our best efforts it isn’t always possible to reunite them with their owners.


Since 2016 it has been a requirement for dogs to be microchipped, but not cats. With your help, there is now a very good chance that this inequity can be addressed though compulsory microchipping for pet cats.




After years of campaigning by Cats Protection, the government is now asking for your views on cat microchipping. The campaign is at a vital stage – with your support we can change the law to help millions of cats across the country.


All you need to do is visit, enter your name and email address and then click through to send a quick message to government, which will be counted as an official response to their consultation.


The campaign page can be completed in less than a minute, so please click the link now and share it with your friends and on social media.


Every response sent in improves the chances of the government acting, but we only have a few weeks left to get these messages sent to government before they start making up their mind whether or not to act.


Thank you in advance for your support.


Best wishes


(let’s reunite all lost cats with their families)



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