Lost and Found

Lost Cats 

If you have lost your cat, here are a few things you can do:

  • Contact local vets and your local Cats Protection branch
  • Make posters with a picture of your cat, saying when and where they were last seen and ensuring you include the date as well as a contact telephone number
  • Make small leaflets and put them through letter boxes locally, making sure to list the date, last place your cat was last seen and a telephone number
  • If your cat is microchipped, ensure that the microchip company have your up-to-date details, as this is vital for when your cat is found 
To enable us to advertise your lost cat on this website and our Facebook page we need as much information as possible about the cat and a digital photograph in jpeg format or a good quality print will do, this will enable our L&F officers to identify a cat if called out to a stray.
If your cat has a microchip and you have moved recently don't forget to inform the register of the microchip your new details.
To report your cat as lost please phone our helpline on 01903 200332 extn 3 or send the details and a photo via email by clicking on the link lost and found

Missing cat registers:
Please let us know when your cat is found so we can remove the post from our website.

Found Cats

If you have found a cat please phone for some advise on 01903 200332 extn 3
Please do not be tempted to feed any cat that wanders onto your property as it is more than likely owned by someone living close by and will find it's own way back home. If however it does not return home after a few days or seems sick or injured then take it to your local vets or call the above number for advise.