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Adopt a cat

Updated 19/7/21

York Cats Protection Adoption Centre is offering a Homing process on an appointment based system. Members of the public can visit the Centre to meet a cat they’d like to adopt.

Please be aware that we can only provide a limited number of 30 minute appointments each day so we appreciate your patience whilst you may be waiting.

· Please contact the Centre through the Contact Us form or through the Contact Us button on the cat’s profile on our Adopt a Cat page. As well as completing all fields in the form please provide additional details in the comments box, including information about any other pets, children, working arrangements etc. and please let us know the kind of cat you would like to adopt.

· We will then phone you and go through our Homefinder Questionnaire to help us match you with the most suitable cats we have in our care. We can share photos and possibly videos of these cats to help you decide which cat you think might be the one for you.

· Once we have come up with a suitable cat candidate for you we will make an appointment with you to visit the Centre.

· During your appointment the staff at the Centre will introduce you to the cat we hope you will adopt. If you then think this is the cat for you we can reserve them for you and we can continue along your adoption journey

· Once you have reserved a cat we need some time to prepare them for the next chapter in their new lives, and you will need some time to get your home ready for their arrival. Before you go we will go through everything you need to know about settling your cat into their new home, things like diet, litter tray arrangements, medical history, any particular feline behaviours they may display etc. We will then make an appointment for you to come and collect your cat within the next 7 days.

· Our Adoption Fee is currently £95.

· During your visit please wear a facemask and use the hand santiser provided on arrival. If you or anyone in your household is displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 we would respectfully ask that you do not make an appointment to visit the Centre until your isolation period is over.

If you wish to register your interest in adopting a cat please use the CONTACT US form and we will get in touch with you to discuss the cats we have in care that may be suitable matches for you.