Outdoor mousers

Feral/Working Cats

Here at Axhayes we are always looking for farms, small holdings, stables or workplaces to home out of work mousers. These cats are great for hunting vermin, deterring rats and mice and also providing you with the presence of a cat who needs much less care than a domestic pet. Our out of work mousers come from similar backgrounds to those we site them to so are happy to live in outdoor barns, sheds, stables etc. they do not wish to live in indoors with people.

Why pay hundreds of pounds for rodent control when you can home a cat in need that will do the job for you?


We can answer any questions you may have about these cats during our initial phone calls and siting, but here are a few frequently asked questions:

Why do I keep the cats in a secure pen?

The cats need to learn there is food, water and shelter provided for them. They are kept in this pen for 3 – 4 weeks so they can learn this and then on release they should stay on the property.

I took on cats to hunt on my land, why do I need to feed them?

Although working cats are used to hunt and to keep rodent populations down it is essential they are still fed for them to work efficiently. A hungry mouser is not a happy hunter.

I have just let my cats out of their pen/enclosed environment and I haven’t seen them for a few days, now what?

It is normal for feral cats to disappear once let out of their enclosure. This is an important time for them to get to know their surroundings and establish territory. They should return and be seen in a few days but it is important to continue to have food down in their original enclosure for them. Some feral cats may never be seen by their owners but this does not mean they are not around.

Should I have one or two?

Cats are solitary animals so will happily live on your land as a single cat making the most of resources and shelter but they can also share this resource too. We often find outdoor cats living in large colonies – often made up of siblings/offspring so can find several cats to site to one location or integrate separate cats to live together. Once released these cats have plenty of space to either live together or apart.

Will I see the cats?
Mostly these feral cats may go most of their time undetected working where they cannot be seen. As they are frightened of human interaction they are happy to lay low and come out to hunt when it is quieter. However in some cases we have cats that will become more sociable over time and you may see them at feeding times or simply lounging on the hay bales. If you are looking for a cat which you will have some interaction but are not expecting the confidence of a domestic pet we often have cats that are looking a home like yours where they can access the house if they chose.

How do I take my feral cat to the vets?

Outdoor cats are sent out of the centre neutered, blood tested, vaccinated and either ear tipped and/or chipped. Feral cats can’t easily be caught once released so it is not essential to continue ongoing vet treatments like a domestic pet but in cases of neccesary vet treatment due to illness or injury this will be you responsibility. You can contact us or advice and to borrow a trap to aid this.



Are you happy to home a mouser on your property? Why not give us a call/email to chat further.
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