Lost and Found

If you have lost your cat:
 1. Have a really good look for your pet!  It sounds obvious, but cats are great at hiding and can get into the tiniest places, especially if something has upset them.  They are also by nature curious, and might have got shut in somewhere while exploring!
 2. Ask your neighbours to look, and check garages or outbuildings.  Also, if you’ve had, for example, a delivery, call the company to check that the cat has not got into the van and gone for a drive!
 3. Call your local rescue centres and veterinary practices in case your cat has been picked up, presumed to be stray.  If you fear that your cat has been run over, contact your local council.
 4. Put up ‘missing’ posters of your cat around where you live and in local shops.
 5. Put your cat's details on the Animal Search UK website at www.animalsearchuk.co.uk including a photo if possible.  There is no charge for reporting a lost pet.  You will be emailed details of possible matches of 'found' cats and can check the listings yourself to see if anyone has reported your cat as having been found.

*Please get your cat microchipped. Every cat that comes into our care is scanned, and only 5% of cats are found to have a chip. This is a quick and painless procedure.  The chip itself is only the size of a grain of rice, and contains a number unique to the cat.  When a scanner is passed over it, the number comes up, and vets and rescue centres can access a database which links the number with the owners’ details.

 If you have found a cat:
If you have found a cat and it is injured or needs veterinary attention, please call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.  If urgent and you are able, please take to your nearest vet.

 1. If the cat has been in your garden for less than 24 hours, and appears healthy, please do not feed it.  It is probably someone’s pet, and will make its way home.
 2. Enquire with your neighbours to see if anyone’s pet is missing.
 3. Report details of the cat on the Animal Search Uk website at www.animalsearchuk.co.uk ideally with a photo if you can take one.  There is no charge for reporting a 'found' cat.

I've lost my cat

Search first. Check small spaces – everywhere from cosy cupboards to garden sheds

If your cat is microchipped, talk to Petlog on 0844 4633 999 to register your cat missing

Contact all vet practices in the area

Make and put up flyers in the local area

Use social media! Post a picture and description of your cat on your own Facebook page as well as the page of your local Facebook group

I've found a cat

Ask your neighbours if they recognise the cat – there might be someone searching for their lost pet

If the cat is sick or injured, call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 (UK), USPCA on 028 3025 1000 (NI) or SSPCA on 03000 999 999 (Scotland)

Check the cat for identification. Take it to your local vet clinic to be scanned for a microchip

Check local newspapers and Facebook community groups to see if the cat has been listed as missing