Jordan Mooney - Memorial Concert

03 June 2022

Jordan Mooney Memorial Concert Deputy Manager Paula and husband Bez (Birmingham Adoption Centre) It was an early morning drive down to Brighton from Birmingham, with the sun shining and after a stop for breakfast, we finally arrived.After a short wait for our room at the hotel to be ready, we started the mile long walk along the sea front to the venue, Concorde 2.Families were strewn along the front, having great fun on the pebbly beach. Classic car owners ...

Let's stop air gun attacks on cats

20 July 2021

Cats Protection has been campaigning for action to stop air gun attacks on cats for many years and has been monitoring local news reports to find out how widespread the issue is. The team have uncovered over 100 cases each year in the UK, although many more may have gone unreported. In order to protect cats, the team’s focus has been on having air gun licensing introduced, which is already the case in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Currently in England ...