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The Cats Protection East Kent Branch relies solely on the generosity and kindness of the public to enable us to go on caring for cats and kittens. Our work never stops, which is why your support is so vital.  We wouldn't exist without the help of volunteers and donations.  If you are able to support our work with a donation or even have time to spare as part of the fundraising team, we would love to hear from you.  Please remember that every little helps, be it money or time.

Here are some of the ways you can help with donations.





 Cat Lottery
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Players pay £1 a week to have a chance of winning one of 100 prizes, including a weekly jackpot of £1,000 and Super Draws with up to £10,000 jackpot.
This is a fun way of helping to raise funds for Cats & Kittens. When signing up please remember to select 'I would like my payments to go towards the cats and kittens at a branch or adoption centre of my choice' and choose to support 'Deal & District Branch' - as this will ensure 100% of your lottery fee will go directly to support our branch.  To join, click play the cat lottery.                               

Cat Sponsorship

Why not make a cat lover’s day by giving them Cats Protection Sponsorship as a gift? Cats Protection Sponsorship is a truly rewarding gift, offering a wonderful way for the cat lover in your life to help vulnerable cats and kittens. It makes a perfect gift for adults and children! Your friend or relative will receive their very own welcome pack including a personalised certificate, their very first photo introducing them to the lovely cat they're currently caring for in their pen, and a photo album to collect this and all future photos that we will send them of the cats in their pen. They will also receive newsletters and emails showing stories of all the wonderful cats they're helping along the way!  Click cat sponsorship to become a cat sponsor today - and don't forget, you could become a sponsor too!

Donate directly to us

If you would like to make a kind donation to help the work of this branch, you can now do this online by simply using Donate Now.  Be assured that every penny of your donation comes directly to our branch - and please do not forget to 'gift aid' your donation. 

We welcome donated items (new or in good condition) for our bric-a-brac stalls or for tombola prizes.

Cat care goods 
We're always grateful for any items that will keep our running costs to a minimum. Good quality cat food, and stationery items such as A4 paper, laminating pouches and pens would be extremely helpful.

Gifts in wills
It is thanks to the wonderful kindness of people who remember Cats Protection in their wills that we are able to carry out much of our day to day work . Find out about gifts in wills.


We really appreciate the support from members of the public.  We would love to hear from you about volunteering.

Thank you for reading this page.  We hope to hear from you: 0345 647 2187.