Adopt a cat

Looking to adopt a cat or kitten?

Call Linda, our Cat Welfare Officer and she can
give you more information


16th February 2020 - We currently have NO kittens in our care - we will put a note on here and our Facebook page when we do have some. 

As well as the cats featured on our website, we usually have around thirty or so other cats and kittens currently in our care - so do not hesitate to contact us to ask for more information.

All of our cats over the age of four months (16 weeks) are neutered and will have received at least their first vaccination (flu, leukemia & enteritis), are microchipped & treated for fleas & worms. Kittens under 4 months receive the same treatment, except they are not neutered - HOWEVER, you will be given a voucher to cover the full cost of neutering at your own vets as soon as the kitten is big enough.

Each cat or kitten that is adopted from us is also covered by 4 weeks FREE pet insurance from Petplan & a lifetime of FREE advice from branch members.

Bearing in mind the treatment all cats/kittens have received, the Branch asks adopters for a fee of £50 when rehoming most cats and kittens. If you feel able to make a donation on top of the fee that would, of course, be gratefully received. We know times are hard but as your own vet will be able to confirm, the money that we will have spent on your new cat or kitten will already have exceeded £50.

Feral cats needing a farm or stable environment come into our care on a regular basis, so if you are interested in homing one or more ferals, please let us know.

Please note that cats in our care are homed subject to a home check.

Some of the cats in our care may not yet be on our website. If you are looking for a feline companion, please contact us on 01353 699430