Lost and Found

What to do if you have lost your cat:

  1. Put up posters with picture and details with contact number.....hand out to neighbours and anyone you see. Put up in local shops, pubs and supermarkets. Stick to all local lamp posts. Also put one in your and friends cars - it amazing how many people see them this way. Make smaller flyers and push through every letterbox on your streets and the surrounding area.
  2. Knock on doors and ask neighbours to check their sheds and garages WHILE YOU WAIT
  3. Register him lost at all vets/catteries/rescue homes within a 20mile radius. 
  4. Ask the local radio station to announce he’s missing and give out a contact number
  5. Put an advert in the local paper
  6. Please contact us via email enquiries@ely.cats.org.uk he or she may have already been handed in to one of our fosterers, or if that is not the case, we will then know to keep an eye open. We will also put your cat on this web page.
  7. We have lots of posts on our Ely & District Cat Protection Facebook page for missing and found