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New Collection Box in Ely

26 March 2020

NEW FOOD COLLECTION BOX IN ELY We now have a third collection box for any donations you may be able to give us. It is at:- Isle Small Animal Veterinary Centre, West Fen Road, Ely, CB6 2BZ ( off A10) The box will be outside the practice front door and so you can drop off food safely without having to go in. And we can also collect it safely on a regular basis. Please do not feel you have to donate in this challenging time for everyone. If you find you cannot, then please do not feel ...

Request for Cat Food

24 March 2020

UPDATE: re our request for food. If you HAVE to go out - you CAN continue to leave wet food in our collection boxes in Sainsbury's and Wilkinson's. However please do not make a special trip. We are accepting donations via Amazon etc. Please message us on our Facebook and we can send you the delivery address. Please do not feel you have to donate if you are unable to at this challenging time. And do not feel guilty if you are unable to do so. We say thank you to everyone for everything you have ...

Neuter for a Fiver Scheme

21 March 2020

Cats Protection’s Neuter for a Fiver Scheme Cats Protection is the leading UK feline charity and has neutering as one of its main aims. Cats become sexually active from about the age of six months. A female cat, left to breed without restraint, may be responsible for up to five thousand kittens in five years. The most effective way to prevent this (and finding yourself as a cat owner lumbered with an unwanted litter), is to have your cat neutered. This is best done when the cat is ...

Mr Sainsbury's aka Garfield - Competition to be a character in his second book

26 February 2020

Would you like the chance to have your name as a character in the second Garfy book? We are running a competition to find the name of the main character in Garfield's next book - 'Vote for Garfy'. 1st Prize: The first prize winner's own name will be used for a main character in the next Garfield book, due out late Autumn 2020. 2nd Prize: The second prize winner's name will appear in the book for a minor character ...

Success at Love Bingo 2020

08 February 2020

LOVE BINGO 2020 Following our Bingo Night yesterday (Friday 7th February), we would like to say a sincere thank you to everyone who attended the event, to everyone who donated prizes and to all those who helped make this our best Bingo night ever. Having counted the monies from both raffles, new goods, calendars, refreshments, Bingo books etc - we raised a record breaking sum of £1,012.74.All the monies raised goes to supporting the cats in our care at the Ely and District Cats ...

Search for Indoor Fosterers

20 January 2020

Do you love cats? Do you own your property? Fancy being an indoor cat fosterer? Cats Protection’s Ely and District Branch is looking to recruit indoor fosterers to help care for unwanted and abandoned kittens and cats. The Branch, which is run entirely by volunteers needs people who can offer a temporary home to one or more cats, or lots of lovely kittens, whilst they get back on their paws. Cat fostering is hands-on cat welfare work looking after ...

Cats and Quilts

24 November 2019

Two local women in Soham have helped raise funds for the cats in the care of Ely and District Cats Protection Branch, by supplying materials and sewing quilts which have been sold to help us support the local cats. Local seamstress named Cat supplied wadding to make the quilts and then another seamstress, Karin, made the quilts. They both donated their time and materials free of charge. Many thanks to these two lovely ladies from the cats of Ely and District. Many thanks to the management ...