We are always on the look out for people who are willing to help with the following:


Home Visiting

  • Before we home a cat we choose to visit the prospective home – first 2 visits will be with another home visitor before going it alone! It's a chance to chat about the cat and answer any questions.



·       Indoor fostering with spare room

·         Wildie kitten fosterer with spare room

Fosters need to drive for Vet visits etc



·         Picking up donations for shop and short term storage

·         Taking donations to shop in Abergavenny.




Fund Raising

·        usually at the weekends

·         People who will arrange events from start to finish

·         Someone to arrange / chase up / organize food bin allocations.





·         We need as many people as possible to print off and display our posters for Cat Adoption Days and Bric-a-brac sales. Only 1 poster per person would really help us. These posters can be emailed to you. These can be in local shops/supermarkets/catteries/pet shops/in your car’s back window.. ANY WHERE! If I can keep a list of who is putting where it would really help.


Vets for posters

·         Ideally we need people who can ‘look after’ a vet local to them for 2 things. 1) printing and taking posters to them (rather than us posting them) and 2) keeping up to date a ‘vet book’ which has pictures of the cats that we have in care looking for homes. (I will provide the book in the first place)



  • People who are available during the day or evening who can trap feral cats and take them to the vets for neutering/spaying & then return them to the place they were captured. Trapping equipment will be provided.



  • Run our ebay account – gwentsouthcp – using both donated and bought in items


Collection Boxes

  • Contact new places that may be prepared to have our collection box
  • Arrange regular emptying of boxes