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We’re passionate about finding loving, lasting homes for the cats in our care. During the process of adopting a cat from Hereford Adoption Centre, we’ll consider everything from your potential pet’s personality and how this fits with your lifestyle, to your home environment – creating the perfect match for both cat and owner and the start of a wonderful feline friendship.

During lockdown, we introduced hands-free homing, which has been successful in finding many of our cats and kittens brilliant new owners. We’re continuing to rehome our cats virtually, however we are now also offering visits at Hereford Adoption Centre by appointment, so you have the opportunity to meet your moggy match. If you are interested in any of the cats available for adoption from Hereford Adoption Centre, please enquire via their listing below 

When thinking about introducing a cat into your home it is always worth ensuring that you are able to provide for your new pet, reading through the information on this link is a really good place to start. We always have a good selection of cats ready for homing, so whether you are looking for a family pet, a companion, or working out door cats to keep your premises free from mice and rats, we are sure to have a cat/s in our care suitable for you.  The fee for rehoming a kitten up to 6 months is £95 and a cat aged over 6 months is £75. These fees are per cat/kitten.

  • Vet checked, worm and flea treated

  • Vaccinated - first vaccination or fully depending on length of stay with us

  • Neutered

  • Microchipped

  • Homed with 4 weeks free Petplan insurance

    We recommend that you read the following leaflet Welcome Home as this advises you how to settle a cat into its new environment. There are other leaflets on general cat care that you may find quite interesting via this link and also veterinary guides via this link, these leaflets may help you decide on what type of cat would fit best into your home. Although we have a lot of cats at the Centre they will not always be suitable for every home. We will advise you on which cats would, in our opinion, be suitable.

    If you live in rented accommodation we need to see a copy of the pet section of your tennancy agreement, or a letter from your landlord stating how many pets you can have at your home. We ask that as soon as you are thinking about adopting that you request this information, before you enquire about a cat. We will need to see 2 forms of ID, 1 which has your name and address on it and one photographic (eg utility bill and driving license)  Please only apply for a cat if you are the registered homeowner or tennant of the property. You can buy all the items for you and your new cat at the Cats Protection shop , we have everything that you would need to start a cat off in your house for sale at the Adoption Centre.

    We are aware that not everybody is able to adopt a cat at this time, particularly if they have just lost their cat. If you would like your cat to be remembered we have a book of memories at the Adoption Centre where you can remember your cat (or other animals). Please send us the memory on email and we will write it in for you, the email address is Also, you could remember your pet while making a donation to the cats in the centre's care by buying an item off the cats' wishlist and putting a note in too

    We spend in excess of £150 per cat in our care, so Cats Protection asks adopters for a fee of £75.00 for adult cats and £95 per kitten under 6 months.  If you feel able to make a donation on top of the fee it would be gratefully received.  We know times are hard so thank you for your decision to adopt a CP cat! If you are looking for outdoor/feral cats to live on a farm/smallholding/stables please ring the Centre on 01432 277543

    We will arrange times to catch up with you to see how your cat is getting on in their new home and provide any advice you may need. This starts from the day the cat is collected and we will check in with you at 7 and 21 days from their arrival. At the end of the 21 days we will no longer contact you for updates, but our help doesn’t end there. We’re only ever a phone call away, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch for any advice you might need! You may also like to consider signing up to our membership scheme which gives you access to the VetfoneTM line, and we may ask if you would be willing to participate in homing success stories articles.

    You can find out more about rehoming and why to adopt from Cats Protection here.

Bertie would find it too stressful to come into the Adoption Centre, so we are trying to find him a home without coming into care. 
Bertie is a such a friendly, confident cat. He is extremely affectionate and enjoys a good snooze or to play with his laser toy. He doesn’t like other cats so will need to be re-homed to a cat free home, preferably with lots of outdoor space. He did have urinary issues in the past due to stress so is currently on a urinary food for this which would need to be continued.
If you are able to offer Bertie a home please contact the Adoption Centre on 01432 277543 
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