What we do

How Long Has the Branch Been Running?

We started as a new branch in the autumn of 2001.

Where do we operate?

We operate in an area of North West Devon covering the four postal districts EX21, EX22, EX38 and EX39

Why do cats need to be rescued?

As well as genuine strays whose owners can not be found, cats need homes for various reasons; owner's death or incapacity, divorce, redundancy, moving house, arrival of a new baby, allergy, emigration … the list is endless. Whatever the reason we do our utmost to help as many needy cats and kittens as is physically possible.

How do we do it?

We are a growing band of unpaid volunteers, who between us carry out rescue work and raise funds to support cats in our care.

Why do we do it?

Mostly because we have a passion for cats! And despite our success so far in rehoming cats and kittens we know there is so much more to do.

Why neuter all cats and kittens?

To limit the expanding cat population. 95% of cats in the UK are non-pedigree cats, capable of producing large families. A female cat can in 5 years be responsible for 20,000 descendants - all requiring good caring homes.

How do we help with neutering?

We operate a Neutering Scheme to assist those in genuine need with the cost of the operation. In addition all cats rehomed by our branch are neutered and everyone adopting a kitten signs a declaration promising to have the cat neutered at the appropriate time. Also farmers can apply to have their feral cats neutered and Cats Protection will cover the cost of neutering in most circumstances.

What do the unpaid volunteers do?

Anything and everything necessary to promote our main aims. As well as the fosterers who look after the rescued cats in purpose built garden pens, there is a whole range of other tasks to be carried out; fund-raising, transporting cats, collecting bric-a-brac, home-checking, making items for sale, as well as organisational and administrative tasks necessary for the smooth running of any Branch.