Due to the current COVID-19 situation, Cats Protection have closed their branches and adoption centres to all but urgent cases. If you need to rehome a cat, please phone 03000 121212 or email info@cats.org.uk.

Please click here for all the latest information about pet cats and COVID-19.

Our charity shop is closed during lockdown and will hopefully reopen in early December. However, we are concerned that, despite the situation, members of the public have continued to leave donations outside the shop during this time. This occurred during the last lockdown and unfortunately resulted in the shop being fined by the council on two occasions as there were complaints from other local shopkeepers of sacks and bags mounting up outside, creating an obstruction and potential health hazard. Sadly, the fines take profit away from the shop – and funds away from helping our cats – and we don’t wish to cause any element of disruption or upset to neighbouring shopkeepers. We have found it makes no difference even with notices asking that no items be left outside the shop and we therefore appeal to members of the public that, while we are very grateful for donations during opening hours, please do not leave items outside during closure. We look forward to seeing you very soon and will appreciate your donations as soon as we can reopen, but until then can we please, please ask that you don’t leave things outside the shop. Many thanks for your support!

Cats Protection has been helping cats for more than 90 years. It is the largest feline charity in the UK, aiding over 140,000 cats and kittens every year, and is made up of approximately 265 self-funding voluntary groups across the country. The Horsham and District branch is one of these.

The Horsham and District Cats Protection branch was founded in 2000 and is entirely volunteer-run. We cover the postcodes RH12, RH13 and RH14, which span from Rusper down to Partridge Green and across to Kirdford encompassing Horsham, Billingshurst and Southwater.

Every penny we raise goes directly to the cats in our care, paying for the upkeep of our rescue pens as well as vet bills, which can be very expensive. Each cat we rescue or have given to us is taken to the vet for a health check, blood test, inoculations, microchipping and neutering where necessary, which costs us an average £150 per cat. All cats, including ferals, are also treated for fleas, ear mites and worms. We do receive donations from people who hand in their cats in to be rehomed but this only goes so far, and so we rely on the kindness of our fellow cat lovers to fund our charity.

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