Lost and Found

Things to help find your lost cat

  • Shake a box of their favourite biscuits to entice them home.
  • If your cat has a favourite toy, try leaving it in your garden.
  • Cats have a strong sense of smell - leave out a regular blanket or bedding to encourage your cat out of hiding. Or if you have a litter tray they use, leave that outside for them.
  • You might find your moggy is more active at night, especially during hotter weather. Go out with a friend or family member when it is dark to call for your cat by name.
  • Leave a bowl of water out and some food. A tasty treat such as tuna might be enough to bring your cat home.
  • Post your cat's information on Facebook or social media. Ipswich Missing Cats on Facebook is a great page with lots of regular members who can help.
  • Knock on your neighbours' doors. They might have seen your cat, or they can keep a look out. Also as for them to check their outhouses, shed and garages as your cat may have gone in without them seeing.
  • Print off some missing posters. Post them through doors or put them up in local shops.

You can use our "Found a Cat Checklist" if you have found a cat and are unsure what to do.