Lost and Found

Lost cat

If your cat goes missing it's a very anxious period.  

If this happens to you, you can:

  • register your missing cat with Animal Search UK and National Pet Register
  • post on local community websites, Facebook, etc.
  • check the lost and found column in local newspapers/place an ad 
  • put together a poster and pop flyers through letterboxes 
  • make sure you poster includes date missing, your contact details, a clear photo and description of the cat, and asks people to 'look in their shed or garage' (suggest 20 posters and 100 flyers) 
  • ask your newsagent and supermarket to display your poster and pin up on trees in the area
  • check vehicles, garden sheds and garages and walk the streets when they are quiet
  • place your litter tray outside so the cat may be attracted by familar smells

Find our more about what you can do if your cat goes missing

If your cat returns, please let us and the various shelters know so that we can all keep our records up to date. 

Most importantly it helps to have your cat microchipped, as pets who are found are usually scanned for a chip and it can help you be reunited. 

Found cat

If you find a cat and you're not sure whether he/she belongs to someone, you can put a paper collar on them. We can provide a Cats Protection paper collar; they are perfectly safe (it will tear off should the cat get caught on anything) and will eventually come off naturally.

To request a collar, please contact us on 0345 260 1243. 

You can also contact a vet or local shelters to get the cat scanned for a microchip.