Adopt a cat

**LOCKDOWN UPDATE - we are not open to the public during this time and will drop cats off to their adopted home. Due to limited resources, we are running at a lower than usual capacity and all the cats on this page are the only ones available. We do not keep waiting lists for specific types of cats. As a result of lockdown, we can only rehome to properties within 45 minutes of the centre. If you live further away, please visit to find a centre or branch more local to you**

In selected Cats Protection centres, during the lockdown restrictions surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) we are trialling a new hands-free homing approach for some of our cats. If you don't live locally to our centre in Mitcham, you can find a list of cats closer to you by clicking

All the cats currently available for adoption at our centre are listed below. If you’re interested in adopting one of these cats from us, please click on their profile and complete a form by clicking on the yellow ‘Contact us about this cat’ button at the bottom of their page. Please consider the cat’s specific personality and requirements before submitting your interest.

More information on the current hands free adoption process can be found here How to Adopt and Frequently asked Questions can be found here

Please note, our reservations last for one week only. During this time, we will complete your adoption over the phone and book an appointment for your new cat(s) to go home. Please ensure you're ready to adopt before enquiring. If you rent your property, we will need to see permission for you to keep a cat before we are able to place a reservation.