At Cats Protection we welcome all volunteers with open arms, and we're delighted to have you as part of the team!

** We will be seeking new Cat Care Volunteers between 1st - 7th February 2018. Please apply via the link at the bottom of this page between these dates. **

As a charity, we rely solely on the generosity and kindness of the public to enable us to go on caring for cats and kittens across London and the wider UK. Our work never stops, so your support, in whatever form you are able to give it, is vital to us.
We have a range of volunteer roles at Cats Protection, which vary from centre to centre. However, the recruitment process for our volunteers in London is highly competitive so we ask that you are sure you are able and willing to commit the time required for a volunteer role before you apply. 

We recruit volunteers from the age of 14 years old and up, however younger volunteers will need to be accompanied by an adult.

All current volunteer vacancies at the Mitcham Homing Centre in South London are listed below, and you can find out more about particular roles in the list on the left. If you cannot see any positions below, we are not currently recruiting for volunteers. You can find additional volunteer positions at other Cats Protection centres here.

If you are interested in volunteering in North London, please visit northlondon.cats.org.uk.

Please bear with us if you don't hear back regarding a particular role straight away, as we have a lot of interest in volunteering roles. We aim to respond to all messages within a month.

** Unfortunately, due to technical issues, some volunteer applications submitted in 2017 may not have been received, but you may still have received an automatic confirmation of your application. If you have applied to be a Cat Care Volunteer and have not heard back from the team at the Mitcham Homing Centre regarding your application, please email southlondon.volunteer@cats.org.uk. You may be asked to complete your application via an email attachment if we didn't receive your original application. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused, our website team is currently investigating this issue. **