Cat Guardian

Cat Guardians is the free service provided by Cats Protection, aimed at giving peace of mind to cat owners concerned about what might happen if they were to pass away before their cat.

Through our Cat Guardians service, individuals can plan for their cats’ future so that in the event of their death, we'll take their cats in to one of our branches or centres and try to find them a loving new home.

Cats Protection promises never to put a healthy cat to sleep, so you can feel assured that we will give your feline friend all the love and care they need until we can find them the new home they deserve.

Cat Guardians Cats Protection can look after and rehome cats should their owners pass away. It is a service we have been providing for many years to all those supporters who have asked us to. Cat Guardians is a free service and is not conditional on a supporter leaving a legacy to us. However, the scheme still requires supporters to put a clause in their will to confirm they would like us to take care of their cats. This is the only way we can guarantee that we will be notified in the event of their death. Many people also choose to remember Cats Protection in their wills as well, as a result of the time and effort we are willing to exert to secure the welfare of their cat(s), although this is entirely at the discretion of the individual.

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