Mabel's Tale

The fosterer's tale:
Mabel arrived dusty and worried. She initially was shy and had a tendency to hide under her bed, but soon she flourished and loved a lap and fuss. Unfortunately, Mabel very much disliked the noise and clatter from the kittens in the double pen next door. By this time we adored Mabel, so for her well being, she moved into our spare room. Following dental surgery, Mabel truly thrived. She loved being part of family life. She often used to join in games by sitting on the Monopoly board and enjoyed listening to piano practice - musical Mabel! Mabel needed an indoor home as she is FIV+ and she was so lucky to find her ideal owner, so it was a great start to 2021 for Mabel!

The new owner's tale:
“When I first got Mabel she was very scared and I was worried about how long it might take her to realise this was her new home, but on day 5 she climbed onto my lap and I knew it would be happy days from there on. Since then she’s progressed so quickly and I’ve adored watching her personality emerge. Mabel is still a little nervous but she’s such a loving girl, always up for a cuddle and she has a rather cheeky playful streak too that’s blossomed lately - usually around 5am! She’s made such a difference to my life already and has settled in so well that’s it’s hard to remember she’s only been with me for a short time. The adoption process went quickly and smoothly with excellent liaison between fosterer Jo and rehoming officer Alison and I felt very comfortable moving forward with it all. Mabel has so much love to give and I feel so lucky and privileged to have had the opportunity to adopt her.”

Quote and photographs reproduced courtesy of Mabel's owner.