Hello and purrs too, 

We have many cats looking for new homes. Please look at our Adopt a cat page for more information on how to adopt.

Our branch is run by a small team of dedicated, unpaid volunteers who work very hard to care for and find homes for unwanted cats and kittens throughout North Ayrshire.

Being a small branch, our cats are not based at any one central location - instead all cats and kittens within our care are placed with fosterers until a suitable home is found.

The branch is essentially self sufficient, depending on funds raised locally and cat cabin sponsorship Sponsor a cat cabin to care for the cats we rescue.  

It is our policy to never put a healthy cat to sleep and we believe that there is a new, loving home somewhere for each and every cat in our care.

Needing assistance with neutering costs?  Do get in touch with us and please look at our Neutering page for more information.