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Buddy gets a speedy new home with Buster ...

22 July 2017
Buddy gets a speedy new home with Buster ...

A local ‘direct’ cat – a real character black-and-white called Buddy – landed on his purrfectly poised paws within 24-hours of going on the North Birmingham Cats Protection website. One year-old Buddy-boy was ‘whiskered’ away by Shard End cat-lover, Cheryl Devlin, and is now adored not only by Cheryl, but her little Yorkshire terrier, Buster, too.

Cheryl e-mailed Cats Protection volunteer Sheila Pennell to say ‘how grateful she was for introducing her to Buddy: "Just thought you would like an update on Buddy. He has settled in really well. Coming and going now in and out. Gets on fine with Buster - even nose touching. Not so good when grandson visits – he runs and hides - but that's fine - he comes back out when grandson has a nap. Thank you so much for finding him for us. Buddy has been a tonic for me having lost my dad. Thank you so much.”

Buddy and Buster met up via the Direct scheme and now even 'touch noses' - occasionally! 

Sheila recalls when Steve, Buddy’s original owner, got in touch. “He said his business was taking off, and he couldn’t give Buddy the attention he deserved. I asked him for photographs so we could pop him on the directs page, but they were a very long time in coming, so I prompted him once or twice. But the good thing was Steve was busy getting Buddy wormed, flea-treated, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped so that he was good and ready for his new owner. And, of course, this makes a cat much more ‘adoptable’ as well as a lot happier and healthier. I recall Steve was a great talker and, according to Cheryl, he still checks up on how Buddy is doing – and Buddy is a right little chatterbox too!"

Buddy's original owner, Steve Donaghy, lives nearby Lydons vets, so got together the money for Buddy's treatment and took him along. Says Steve: "His treatment cost around £120, but it was well worth it to give him the best chance. His new Mum Cheryl sends me photos and her daughter sends me little videos of what Buddy is up to via FB. I was and still am delighted with the success of the direct page - Buddy was viewed and adopted by a lovely family within 24 hours."  

* To check out the ‘direct rehoming service’ see the ‘click here for more cats’ icon on the home page of the website. The service is free and helps owners, cats and adopters alike.