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Purrfect pair complete Peaks Challenge - raising £620 for cats ...

18 September 2023
Purrfect pair complete Peaks Challenge - raising £620 for cats ...

A couple from Wylde Green who signed up with CP for the Peak District Challenge to raise money for the Branch have just completed their hike – so the cats of North Birmingham have an extra £620 in the kitty!

Michael Hardiman and partner Leashley Arrowsmith have a ‘fabulous feline’ of their own, Stan (featured in a previous website story) and - fortunately – enjoy walking and hiking.

Says solicitor Michael: “We both really enjoy walking and hiking and have completed the Three Peaks Challenge before – but it was great to do it again and at the same time raise funds for felines. So we’re letting you know we completed the 50km trek through the Peak District on Saturday (16 Sept) - a tough walk with lots of hills and tricky features to navigate. Took us 11.5 hours after starting at 08:00 and finishing at 19:30. We really enjoyed it though and the thought of helping the cats really spurred – and purred - us on!”

The couple wish to ‘thank CP Peaks Challenge organiser Evie for her support and the lovely good luck card’. “Thanks to everyone who gave so generously to the ‘just giving appeal’ and the support of family, friends and cat-lovers everywhere. Leashley and I hope the £620 raised really helps with supporting the North Birmingham Branch and helps with caring for cats in the local area.”

*CP bets Stan is still snoozing or waiting for a feed when he should be licking/soothing four very sore feet!