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Last quiz of 2023 - more in store for 2024

26 November 2023
Last quiz of 2023 - more in store for 2024

Last quiz of the year raised £400 for the kitties Xmas box ...

The Digby, Chester Road, recently hosted the last CP pub quiz of 2023 which raised almost £400 for the kitties Xmas box – and a ‘bottles hamper’ for the winning team.

So it was purrs all round for Pussycat Dolls & Toms - headed up by CPs Homing Officer, the very merry Elaine Berry. Her merry helpers included husband Ed and friends Kathy, Richard, Emma and Pat.

The Digby staff served up some super meals for those who came early and were given an extra job they love – choosing the best team name. Out of 13 teams, it was timely indeed - considering the time of year - that ‘Santa Paws’ won that one!

Coordinator Nicole confirms a good time was had by all – Jenny’s jam sold, compere Adam did a brilliant job, and the Digby management was keen to continue hosting the quizzes. Suggested months are March, July and November so - keen quizzers - keep checking the website and facebook for confirmation of dates. Thanks to all who came along and made it such a success - see you again next year!