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Moggie Matteo : back from the brink ...

18 August 2021
Moggie Matteo : back from the brink ...

Gorgeous kitten Matteo is having to wait longer than his three siblings for a forever home – and that’s because sadly he’s had not one – but two – health scares. 

“But” says Nicole Evans, Branch Coordinator and fosterer, “We’re determined Matteo will make it.”

Nicole explains: “Kittens, when they do get poorly, can go downhill very quickly. When this happened with Matteo, a bad bout of diarrhoea, we rushed him to Northside Vets. Matteo was kept in, put on fluids and had several blood tests. Welfare Officer Shaki collected him from the vets and he stayed with her on ‘health watch’ for several days, and then she brought him back to me. And he was happy and healthy again - full of fun and playing with his siblings Miguel, Marcus and Matilde.  

“Our branch bank balance wasn’t quite so healthy though! Matteo’s treatment – even at that point – was around £1K and, of course, fundraising has been hit hard with Covid restrictions. And, with Matteo back home and in my arms, we had our paws crossed and were quietly confident he'd turned the corner. 


“But we were wrong. Matteo became unwell again and we rushed him to Northside again. We were not going to give up on the little fella. Faecal samples were taken and nothing sinister (as they say!) was found. And after a course of antibiotics – thankfully – he is doing really well again. He’s probably missing his siblings who’ve now all been adopted – but he should have no worries. He'll be put up for adoption once he's started his vaccinations and been neutered. He’ll leave us behind without a care in the world to worry about the bill! 

“Matteo is absolutely well, and absolutely irresistible!”


*For details on how to apply to adopt Matteo and/other cats and kittens, see the ‘Adopt a Cat’ page of the website. Please note that 'Direct adoptions' are possible again now too - see the Directs page.   

If you'd like to help support the branch in its fundraising efforts to help more kittens like Matteo - please visit our justgiving page http://www.justgiving.com/summerappeal2021-northbirminghambranch