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Remember the Grimscote grumpies?

26 June 2017
Remember the Grimscote grumpies?

Six months or so ago, North Birmingham Cats Protection welfare officer, Shaki McFarland, along with volunteers Sue Morgan and Kathy Porter, delivered three grumpy garden cats to a luxury hotel placement – Grimscote Manor – and Gillian Etheridge, the Hotel owner, has reported back that they’re now happy as can be!

Says Gillian, who so kindly took them on at her classy Coleshill hotel: “We thought you would like to see a couple of photographs of the cats – Giovanni, Gladys and Gypsy. They have well and truly settled in and even get along with our previous CP cats - Pudding and Caramel. Last time Shaki visited to collect the special ‘home’ they lived in while getting used to their new surroundings, the cats weren’t around. In fact, Gladys hadn’t been seen for a couple of days, but she soon returned and hasn’t left the grounds since.

“It’s lovely in the mornings – we just tap a dish or a can of cat food and all five of them coming running to be fed. They’re just one big happy feline family now. And they really are members of the ‘Grimscote team’ – ensuring there’s no vermin around.  We and the guests all love them.”

Gillian has kindly invited volunteer Tony Huggins, who made their special temporary housing, and fosterer Sheila Pennell, to ‘pop in for a cup of tea and see the cats around their new home’ – and they both plan to do so soon.

“We loved fostering these three,” confirms Sheila, “But try as we might, they were never going to make friendly, sociable, homeable cats, so we called the Grimscote and they not only offered to take them, but did so over the Christmas/New Year period. We often need farm, stables or hotel placements for cats like these three, so please get in touch if you, or someone you know, could take semi-feral or garden cats and give them a life of freedom and food – and who knows? Even some fuss if they are ‘feline’ so inclined!”