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 The Oxford and District Cats Protection is one of more than 250 groups of Cats Protection volunteers in the UK, rescuing, treating, neutering and rehoming unwanted, abandoned or needy cats and kittens.

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Tinkerbell is lost!

Tinkerbell went missing several months ago, when she escaped from her owner's car at The "Little Chef" on the A34 at Weston-on-the-Green.

She is a very loved and pampered cat and getting old, she must be so confused, sad and wondering what on earth is happening to her.

She is not wearing her collar because it came off as her owner tried to grab her. They searched for hours and hours, but she fled into the undergrowth.

The owner lives in Devon, but a local couple in Horton-cum-Studley are coordinating the search effort.

Perhaps she has been found and is being cared for by someone in the area. She is quite distinctive.

If you have any information or sightings, please contact us and we will pass it on.

Her owner misses her desperately, and regularly travels up from Devon to try to find her but with no luck so far.

Joey needs a new home!Could you adopt Joey?

JOEY, 8, originally came to us last year after being an indoor cat all her life. She was rehomed, and settled well as a much loved pet, but became very distressed when her owner became pregnant! She was clearly unhappy, and her owner reluctantly asked us to find her a new home. She is a sweet, affectionate cat, happy to be picked up, and talkative; she also loves to go out into the garden. She needs a home without dogs or other cats, perhaps with an older owner.

In September, we rehomed 4 cats and 9 kittens

Where are they now?

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60 cats and 65 kittens have found new homes in 2017

Tigger Toes needs your help!

Tigger Toes Funded!

Thanks to a very generous set of donors, Tigger Toes' £1500 vet bill has been paid!  Thank you all.  She will be living with her current fosterer as a permanent member of the gang, so we will keep you updated on her progress as she recovered from her injuries.

Interested in becoming a Fosterer?

So many of our fosterers have adopted the cats they were looking after, that we need new people to care for the needy cats coming in!  If you are interested in helping out, please contact us for more information on how to become a Cats Protection Oxfordshire fosterer.

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Sign our Petition to tighten up air gun laws

Cats are in the sights of unregulated air gun users
Both Northern Ireland and Scotland already have air gun licencing laws in place, and with a lack of UK-wide regulation, it has been reported that 90% of air gun attacks on cats happen in England and Wales. Cats Protection have started a petition to get the laws extended to England and Wales.
Established in 1988, we work through a network of fosterers, who provide temporary accommodation for needy cats until safe, loving, permanent homes can be found for them. The fosterers are supported by other volunteers who concentrate on fund-raising.

Cats Protection asks adopters for an adoption fee of £70 when offering a home to a cat or kitten as they are all vet-checked, micro-chipped and receive their first vaccinations before going to their new homes and, if old enough, are neutered. If you feel able to make a donation on top of that fee, it would, of course, be gratefully received. We know times are hard so thank you if you decide to give a loving home to one of our cats

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