Welcome to Oxford and District Cats Protection

The Oxford and District Cats Protection is one of more than 250 groups of Cats Protection volunteers in the UK, rescuing, treating, neutering and rehoming unwanted, abandoned or needy cats and kittens.

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Balloon Race for Kittens!

The 'Virtual Balloon Race' has begun!

Our race starts on Saturday 3rd July and finishes on Saturday 10th July which is 'National Kitten Day'!

Cat in a hot air balloon at night with the burner glowing 


We are serving up a novel “bangers for cash” initiative asking people to donate their unwanted vehicles to raise money for local moggies.
Very large cat inspects very small car



Head of white and black cat looking at the camera while one of her kittens suckles.

Timid, gentle little Martha left home when her owners bought a dog and became a garden cat. We took her into care to have her kittens (which have been rehomed). We are looking for someone who can provide a safe garden with a warm shelter and food and care, and perhaps as she gains confident, she might venture indoors again.   Are you that special person?

Why not catch up with some of our Cats of the Month and find out the next part of their story?

Our branches and centres may be closed but the cost of caring for our cats does not stop.

Sad kittenAs a nation, we’ve rarely appreciated our cats more. They’re here for us when we’re feeling worried or lonely, here to distract us and help the days pass and here as a great comfort and source of joy.

Can you donate £18 today and help with the cost of feeding, treating, looking after and loving one of the cats in our care for another day?

Our cats are here for us so please help us be #HereForTheCats. Please supportour Special Coronavirus Appeal and donate now.

In June, we safely rehomed 1 cat and 10 kittens!

So far, in 2021, we have rehomed 17 cats and 15 kittens.

Where are they now?

Why not catch up with some of our Cats of the Month and find out the next part of their story?

In 2021, we have rehomed 21 cats and 25 kittens so far


At the moment we are running a Facebook Marketing campaign to try and bolster our funds during these difficult times when our normal fundraising activities are curtailed. So far we have managed to sell a range of donated goods which has been a great success. However, we are in need of some good quality donations to help continue these fundraising activities over the next few months. If you have anything that is new/nearly new that you could donate to our cause it would be very much appreciated!
In particular we would love:

  • Toys
  • Craft items
  • Home décor items
  • Toiletries (must still be sealed)
  • Household items

We are unable to accept books, DVDs, CDs and any items with blades or sharp implements.
If you have any items to donate, or further questions, please contact us atenquiries@oxford.cats.org.uk to arrange for collection.

 Cat Homing

Due to Covid-19 we currently have a hands-free homing process in place. 
Check out our handy guide to find out more.
Please note, due to exceptionally high demand, we are only homing cats within our own district. We have a high volume of enquiries for our cats and we will not be able to fulfill them all

Cats and COVID-19

Can cats catch coronavirus (COVID-19)? What can I do if I have to self-isolate?

We’ve put together answers to some of the more common questions about coronavirus here. Click here to find out more!

Friends of Cats Protection (Oxford Branch)

Cat looking out of an open carrierCalling all cat and kitten lovers.
  • Do you have a few spare hours available from time to time?
  • Would you like to help support the work of CP without becoming too involved?
  • Could you help with fund-raising?
  • Could you collect/deliver cats and kittens or supplies to our fosterers?

If the answer to any of these question is YES, why not join join our new group

Friends of CP

Feral/Farm Cats Available

From time to time we are asked to help reduce the size of cat colonies in the Oxfordshire area. This means we go out trapping cats which then need a good home.

We are looking, in particular, for farmers, smallholders or stables who may need good hunters to help with any vermin issues. All the new owners would need to do is give the cats somewhere to shelter and put out some food for them.

All trapped cats will be neutered and have a thorough vet check before they are moved on.

If you are interested please contact the Oxfordshire branch of CP on 01235221147 or email enquiries@oxford.cats.org.uk

Cats Whiskers December 2018Cats Whiskers

The Winter edition of our magazine, Cats Whiskers, is available now, featuring Paws Protect (temporary pet fostering service for families fleeing domestic abuse) feline asthma, and grief counselling

Grief Support

We are here to help you Whether you are facing the heartbreak of your cat passing away, want help with difficult issues like euthanasia, a cat who has gone missing or need someone to talk to about your loss: we are here for you.

Paws to Listen grief support service

0800 024 94 94

Weekly Lottery

Take a chance! Why enter our Cats Protection Lottery? The odds are fab and you will help cats too!

 Read more ...

Established in 1988, we work through a network of fosterers, who provide temporary accommodation for needy cats until safe, loving, permanent homes can be found for them. The fosterers are supported by other volunteers who concentrate on fund-raising.

Cats Protection asks adopters for an adoption fee of £100 when offering a home to a cat or kitten as they are all vet-checked, micro-chipped and receive their first vaccinations before going to their new homes and, if old enough, are neutered. If you feel able to make a donation on top of that fee, it would, of course, be gratefully received. We know times are hard so thank you if you decide to give a loving home to one of our cats
Are you my Special Someone?