Welcome to Oxford and District Cats Protection!

 The Oxford and District Cats Protection is one of more than 250 groups of Cats Protection volunteers in the UK, rescuing, treating, neutering and rehoming unwanted, abandoned or needy cats and kittens.

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Could you rehome PANDORA?

Black and white cat playing with a feather toyPandora is 2.5 year old, shy but friendly with people and dogs, but really does not like other cats.  She is hoping for a family with older children and lots of time for cuddling on laps. She would also love to have a garden to play in.
Cat looking straight at the cameraMeanwhile, handsome Ralph is softening towards humans and enjoying cuddles. He is an independent boy who is looking for a home with experienced owners, lots of space and no dogs. If you would like to get to know him, please contact us.

In AUGUST, we rehomed 6 cats and 21 kittens

Where are they now?

Catch up with some of our Cats of the Month and find out the next part of their story

43 cats and 65 kittens found new homes so far in 2019

Friends of Cats Protection (Oxford Branch)

Cat looking out of an open carrierCalling all cat and kitten lovers.
  • Do you have a few spare hours available from time to time?
  • Would you like to help support the work of CP without becoming too involved?
  • Could you help with fund-raising?
  • Could you collect/deliver cats and kittens or supplies to our fosterers?

If the answer to any of these question is YES, why not join join our new group

Friends of CP

Holiday Time!

Cat walking in a garden on a harness and lead

Cattery, cat sitter or travelling cat? Take along or home alone?
Read our handy guide for tips on choosing which solution is best for your cat. The choice depends on your own cat's personality, and your circumstances, but leaving it till the last minute is guaranteed to lead to panic and a poor experience for you and your cat.



Weekly Lottery

Why enter our Cats Protection Lottery? The odds are fab and you will help cats too!

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Grief Support

We are here to help you
Whether you are facing the heartbreak of your cat passing away, want help with difficult issues like euthanasia, a cat who has gone missing or need someone to talk to about your loss: we are here for you.

Paws to Listen grief support service

0800 024 94 94


Established in 1988, we work through a network of fosterers, who provide temporary accommodation for needy cats until safe, loving, permanent homes can be found for them. The fosterers are supported by other volunteers who concentrate on fund-raising.

Cats Protection asks adopters for an adoption fee of £70 when offering a home to a cat or kitten as they are all vet-checked, micro-chipped and receive their first vaccinations before going to their new homes and, if old enough, are neutered. If you feel able to make a donation on top of that fee, it would, of course, be gratefully received. We know times are hard so thank you if you decide to give a loving home to one of our cats

Cats Whiskers December 2018Cats Whiskers

The Winter edition of our magazine, Cats Whiskers, is available now, featuring Cats of World War 1, and stories of our cats who have moved into their new homes, as well as our usual features

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