Adoption Procedure

We’re delighted to hear that you’re interested in giving a new, loving home to one of our cats or kittens!

Step 1: Enquiry

Leave a message on our answering service on 01738 700 070 or send an email to, with your name, address and telephone number and telling us what type of cat you are looking for. On receipt of your details, our Homing Volunteers will get back to you within 3 – 5 days to have a chat and discuss your requirements.

Step 2: Home Visit

Not every cat will suit your specific environment. We carry out a home visit to ensure that we find a cat that fits your circumstances. Home visits are also a chance for you to ask questions and discuss the ins and outs of homing a CP cat.

Step 3: The right cat or kitten for you

Once you’ve had your home visit, our Homing Volunteers will run through the details of any suitable cat(s) and will give you details to arrange to visit them. We don’t have a central shelter or office. Instead we operate from several smaller units located in various fosterers’ gardens throughout Perthshire.

Step 4: Taking home your new family member

Once you’ve chosen your kitty, you can usually collect them after 24 hours, and take them home!

It’s an expensive business getting a cat ready for adoption as we neuter, vaccinate (against cat flu, feline infectious enteritis and feline leukaemia virus), microchip, worm, de-flea and vet check every cat that we rehome. To help cover our costs, we ask adopters for a fee when rehoming a cat. Currently, our standard adoption fee is £70. If you feel able to make a donation on top of the fee, that would, of course, be gratefully received.

Step 5: Advice and support

If you have any queries after taking your cat home, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Other points to note

When adopting a kitten from Cats Protection you must agree to get the kitten neutered at 5 months old (we will provide you with a voucher to have this done at our expense).

If you or your family are generally out at work all day, we would prefer you to adopt a pair of kittens (not a single one) or a slightly older adult cat or cats.

It is our policy not to place our cats or kittens in homes which are near busy main roads.

Taking on a cat or kitten is a huge commitment and it usually takes at least a week, often several weeks, to match you up with a perfect companion. Please be patient with us as our branch is run entirely by unpaid volunteers who have to juggle their Cats Protection work with their own busy lives!