The adoption process

The Adoption Process:

Contact us by telephone on 0345 371 2750 or via the contact us page and our Homing Officer will speak with you about the type of cat you are looking for and what cats we have in our care that may fit into your home.

Not every cat will suit your specific environment so we carry out a home visit to ensure your chosen cat will suit your circumstances. Home visits are also a chance for you to ask questions and discuss the details of homing a Cats Protection cat.

You can visit the cats and while you are, you can also take the opportunity to ask the fosterer about the cat’s personality and the homing process. If you are visiting a cat prior to the home visit from us, you may reserve the cat and then we will arrange a home visit to take place at a time suitable for all.

After the home visit, you can collect your new addition to the family. Our cat care costs can be in excess of £150 per cat so we gratefully accept all donations. We provide aftercare for all our adoptions. If you do have any problems or need advice or information after you have your taken your new cat home please call the fosterer or our Homing Officer on 0345 371 2750.