From 'like' to love - Facebook posts are the purr-fect persuasion

One very hard-to-home cat in Peterborough has gone to her forever home, thanks to the Facebook posts of a cat-lover from Birmingham!  

Katie Vine has been a life-long cat lover but her new home with fiancé Pete was cat-free, until a friend's cat photos proved too persuasive.   

Katie told us, "When I became friends with Denise Atkins on Facebook, little did I know that I was about to be bombarded with cute cat photos. Denise is a volunteer with the North Birmingham branch of Cats Protection and has three gorgeous cats of her own so there were plenty of pictures! 

My fiancé Pete and I had been talking about getting a cat and so I went along to a homing event at Yaxley, Peterborough just to enquire about the adoption process, but when I saw Suzy and heard her story, I phoned Pete and neither of us felt we could leave her behind." 

Suzy is a three year old black cat with a missing tail. 

Homing officer Karen said "Poor Suzy was the definition of a hard to home cat: the older ones are always less popular than kittens, and black cats tend to take longer to find their forever home too. With her tail missing as well, her prospects didn't look good and she'd been with us for three months.  

 "When Katie and Pete came along, they were everything we'd hoped for as adopters for Suzy. We're thrilled they chose her and I'm sure they'll make a very happy family!" 

Denise, who is Publicity Officer for NBCP commented, "I'm glad my cat appreciation has rubbed off on others - and Katie can expect to see a lot more photos of my cats cuddled up together - maybe that will persuade her that one is not enough!"  

We need more adopters like Katie who are happy to consider adopting some of the less 'desirable' kitties. To see the cats we currently have looking for their forever homes, go to our Adopt a Cat page.