Nelson's story

NelsonNelson is a lovely but very nervous male cat who came into the Peterborough branch in mid August as a stray. Since taking him in, we have discovered he is completely blind, which explains his nervousness.

Nelson is currently being looked after by one of our fosterers in an outdoor run. There is a long road ahead to get Nelson feeling more confident and re-assured and ready to find his forever home.

This is his journey so far.

Saturday 27 August
Nelson's fosterer has been given lots of helpful advice from CP HQ. He's now on a desensitization programme to get him used to humans again.
This involves leaving him alone at first, as his trips to the vets have been traumatic. Nelson needs lots of hiding places, but will come out to feed while his fosterer there, albeit gulping down the food which is normal.
Just because Nelson is blind it doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy playing so his fosterer has left a toy in his run to encourage him to play if he wants to. This morning the toy had moved which is a good sign.

Sunday 28 August
Toys haven't moved today and he doesn't seem interested in cat nip! Most cats go bonkers for it! His fosterer is trying different radio stations today. He's listening to the sport at the moment, the violins on the classic station might have been bothering him and he didn't seem keen on local radio. He came out of his 'house' without being tempted by food and let his fosterer tickle his ears briefly.

Tuesday 30 August
A small breakthrough today. Nelson rolled on the floor and showed his fosterer his belly. A sign of trust in cats. He briefly chewed his toy with her too.  He was a bit spooked today, as the neighbours had been mowing lawns etc but he's still getting used to his surroundings.
It would be much better if he was indoors where he would get more attention rather than in a run so we are looking to place Nelson with one of our indoor fosterers when a space becomes available.

Sunday 4 September

Another small step, Nelson has found the shelf to the cabin area. Cats like to be up high and he seems more relaxed up there, allowing more of a fuss. He can jump down OK, albeit hesitantly. Given he's blind this is a giant leap (no pun intended!) he also had a little play with a string toy, following the sound of the swishing. This is part of his desensitization programme.

Sunday 11 September
Nelson is now relaxed enough to play with a string toy. He is taking an interest in the sounds outside his run especially the resident cats!! He likes to shred newspaper too, good exercise for him although we need to get him out of the habit so potential owners can read the Sunday news in peace!! He's eating more steadily too, now that he knows that there is a regular supply of food.

Saturday 17 September
Nelson has had a busy week, He went to the vets for his second vaccinations on Wednesday and it went surprisingly well. There is a new lady vet at the practice and she made great pals with him in his carrier. She even got a purr and a drool out of him. We'd not heard him purr before.
His run has had a good wash and brush up this morning, which spooked him a little while his familiar things were moved around. He's now relaxing and listening to the radio.

Friday 30 September
Another busy week for Nelson. He has a new past time of shredding newspaper. This time, the lining from his bed. Great fun this - see how many pieces we can make from one sheet. Like a jigsaw puzzle in reverse !!
Then a couple of days vacation at the cattery while his fosterer was away. He coped really well, even managing to get up onto the shelf of the cattery run with no ladder! (thanks Sue & Steve for looking after him)
Not too disorientated by the change judging by the empty food bowl when he got home.

Saturday 15 October
Nelson has had a visit to an specialist ophthalmic vet and after a thorough examination with several amusing looking instruments the diagnosis was that although almost blind he does have a very slight amount of vision. This means he can see light & dark things but lives in a permanent fog.
Nelson is now with an indoor fosterer, so that he can get used to household noises like washing machines and vacuum cleaners. Suffice to say he has made himself right at home and is enjoying the undivided attention! He's often found relaxing on the bed...

Wednesday 23 November

Nelson is trying our his potential forever home. At the weekend, he ventured into the conservatory a lot more and was happy sitting on the sofa. Last night he wanted to follow me up the hallway so I let him, but at the slightest noise, he turned around and went back! He is not scratching us so much now if we rub near his tummy and has discovered a catnip infused cardboard wave plaything that he loves chewing on!! I get up in the morning to a pile of chewed board! Rather that than my sofa!! Eating well, pooing well, playing well, he even talks a little to us when he’s hungry! Paws are getting under the table...

Saturday 17 December

Nelson is settling in well to his new home judging by these pictures....

Saturday 25 February

Nelson has come on in leaps and bounds since he first came into the care of the branch. His new owner tells us that he’s really vocal now, often sitting by the patio doors meowing to go out, steps out onto the step and then runs back in when he hears any noise – the farmer’s tractor, or a bird makes him run a mile back to the cover of the sofa!  He likes rolling about on the patio floor, but won’t go onto the grass, or any further, and he refused to go out in the snow! We are thrilled to hear that he is doing so well.