Foxtrot and Oscar - putting their skills to good use!

Foxy and Oscar are cats with a difference - they have been 'hired' to put their hunting skills to good use!Foxy has started to settle in!

The cats have been taken in by an IT services & solutions company specialising in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, based in a converted World War II aircraft hangar. The hangar is in a rural location surrounded by fields and, while the business have never experienced any "rodent problems" they thought it sensible to take preventative measures.
When a member of staff moved into a new house without a garden Oscar, his mainly outdoor cat, came to live at the hangar.  Although he has settled in well he clearly missed other cats and it was decided he needed a pal for company.
Foxy came from a family in Ely who have two other cats who were fighting with her and, with a new baby just arrived, it was decided they couldn't cope and they would have to find a new home for her - which is when she ended up at the company.

After a few initial spits and swears the cats are now tolerating each other and seem to be becoming quite good companions. They are now being allowed outside and Oscar has already made a kill!

Once they are used to living at the hangar, a cat flap will be put in so they can come and go as they please and make sure no rogue rodents come onto the land.

Although the cats have their own 'cat zone', customers often ask to see them when they hear about the new recruits.

We think Foxtrot and Oscar were made for each other!