What we do

  • Respond to telephone calls and emails from members of the public 
  • Foster cats that have come into our care until they can be rehomed, meeting Cats Protection's veterinary standards for neutering, vaccinating and microchipping all cats within the Branch's care
  • Operate a lost and found register to reunite missing cats with their owners
  • Arrange for veterinary care (such as dental treatments) to cats as necessary whilst we try to find new homes for them.  
  • Try to find homes for cats whose owners have become ill or died, moved house, can no longer afford to keep them, have been evicted from their homes or physically abandoned
  • Encourage responsible cat ownership and neutering via Cats Protection's neutering voucher scheme  
  • Carry out a variety of fundraising activities, including holding plant and book sales, Gift Fairs and taking part in Christmas Lights events