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We are looking for fosterers, could you foster a cat?

If you love cats but are sometimes away from home for work or pleasure and cannot commit to having a cat of your own or if you just have a spare room you wouldn't mind sharing with a furry lodger, becoming a Volunteer Cat Fosterer may be a good way for you to get involved with Cats Protection.

Why do some cats require foster care?

Cats can require foster care for a variety of reasons. Some fosterers will provide care for any cat or kitten, while some may go on to specialise in caring for cats with particular needs. Below are some of the most common reasons cats find themselves in need of foster care:

* They are former strays and need to be fostered while we check whether there is an owner is
   looking for them before we find them a new home

* They have longer term medical issues which require additional care before they find a home    

* They are pregnant or have young kittens

* They are kittens which are too young to go to a new home

* They have behavioural issues, so need to be monitored and given special care and treatment     
   before rehoming
* They are recovering from a short term injury/illness

To apply to become a Volunteer Cat Fosterer you must be over 18 years of age and live within our branch area. Foster cats will require one room which can be shut off from the rest of your home to give your foster cat a safe place to settle in, where it will be able to access all the essentials - food, water, a litter tray, and somewhere to rest; a quiet area where the cat won’t be regularly disturbed would be ideal.

There are no essential skills or experience you will need. Any experience caring for cats is beneficial.

Watch our video for more information on becoming a fosterer.

How can I apply?

If you’d like to enquire about becoming a Volunteer Cat Fosterer please email us.