Lost and Found

The best way to share that you have lost or found a cat in the Rochdale area is to post here: Rochdale Cats Lost & Found

Otherwise please email (or phone) us and we will add the details to our Lost & Found pages on this website.

Please provide the following information:
Your name and contact details (please let us know if you would prefer us to list our branch contact number rather than your own details)
Photo of cat (wherever possible), cat’s name, full description (colour, markings, distinguishing features), age, sex, breed, neutered or not, microchipped or not, date lost (or found), place lost (or found) and any additional information which may be helpful (for example, circumstances of loss, health issues)

Lost Cats Advice

Check all “hiding places” one more time in the house, shed, garage, garden and ask neighbours to do the same.

1. Ask people who deliver in the locality (postman, newspaper deliverers etc) if they have seen the cat. 
2. Put advert cards in local shops/post office.
3. Produce small leaflets and distribute to houses/shops in the local area. 
4. Put an advert in the “Lost & Found” section of the local paper. 
5. Contact local vets to see if the cat has been taken in.
6. Check and register your missing cat with national lost and found pet registers and post on social media: Rochdale Cats Lost & Found 

Found Cats Advice

1. If the cat is injured or appears unwell, please contact the RSPCA and/or a local vet immediately. The RSPCA has an agreement with the British Veterinary Association (BVA) to pay for the initial emergency treatment of strays. All veterinary practices are aware of this arrangement.
2. If the cat is a pregnant female – please contact us immediately and/or ring a local vet for advice.
3. Check and register your found cat with national lost and found pet registers and post on social media: Rochdale Cats Lost & Found.

: enquiries@rochdale.cats.org.uk