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Welcome to Cats Protection Sleaford Branch

We’re here to support cats and kittens in Sleaford, covering postcodes: NG34, with parts of NG32 and LN4 - roughly Barkston across to the River Witham, and Metheringham to Aslackby.

Run by a small team of dedicated, cat-loving volunteers, we’re passionate about improving the lives of cats and kittens in Sleaford, working to find loving new homes for local cats in our care, offering support with neutering, and lost and found cats, as well as general education and awareness within the Sleaford area. You can find out more about the work of Cats Protection here

What we do

Our main aim is quite simple – to improve the health and welfare of all cats and kittens who are brought to our notice by members of the public in our local area (our full name is “Sleaford and District Cats’ Protection” and we look after NG34, parts of LN4 and parts of NG32). We look after the full range of felines from pregnant mummies, tiny kittens, lost tomcats who go off looking for girls then can’t remember where they did live months before… feral colonies, found and dumped strays in all shapes, sizes and health. In short, if it is a domestic cat, we should be able to offer help and advice. We can’t take in every cat we would like to due to space restraints, so the homeless have priority and unwanted owned cats have to join their place in the queue. We also keep a lost and found log and offer vouchers towards neutering costs for those on low income.

We can be looking after cute little kittens early one day and trapping very angry feral toms by the evening! All of us here at local level are unpaid volunteers and in a little branch like this we might have a designated role but we all have to muck in and do a bit of everything at times.

We currently have 4 fosterers (3 with outdoor pens, one indoor) but are always looking for a new fosterer or two. Outdoor pens can be standard single, large single or double and we have one large “family pen” to take either four adults from the same house or several mummies and kittens from the same house. We have a coordinator, treasurer, fundraising coordinator, web mistress, neutering officer and homing officer, several regular helpers for fundraising but also spouses, mothers and children are rounded up when all hands on deck are needed! So if you love cats and want to get involved, there is always work to be done. Some people can only spare a few hours a month but we do need people to be reliable and only major excuses are acceptable!

The majority of our cats are kept in pens as this means they cannot pass disease to our cats or vice-versa and also cannot escape, most importantly. The pens, bases, electricity, food and vet costs are all paid by the branch, so a volunteer provides lots of TLC (and a lot of scrubbing, washing and poo picking – hygiene is paramount).

Each year we rehome over 200 cats and kittens. There is always more neutering to do and more sick babies to look after – so we are trying hard and we could do even better with more volunteers!  

Cat adoption in Sleaford

Could you provide a loving new home for a cat in Sleaford? During the process of adopting a cat from us, we’ll consider everything from your potential pet’s personality and how this fits with your lifestyle, to your home environment – creating the perfect match for both cat and owner and the start of a wonderful feline friendship.

Cats available for adoption from Cats Protection Sleaford & District Branch are featured below. To express your interest in a particular cat, please enquire via their listing. If you have any general enquiries about your suitability, or the adoption process, please call us on: 07917 517 394 or email us at

A guide to our current homing process

We’re keen to help as many cats and kittens in need of assistance as possible Offering our cats a home will help to free up more space to take in emergency cases. 

Here is our guide to adopting a cat using our current homing process

Please read the current Homing process BEFORE contacting us regarding adoption:- 

• Check you are within a reasonable distance of your chosen branch. You can find your nearest branch by typing in your postcode at 
For kittens you'll need to live within 20 miles of Sleaford. For cats that have had their 2nd vaccination a radius of 30 miles would be considered, if the cat is a suitable traveller

• Enquire. If you’ve found a cat on our website that you’re interested in homing, send an enquiry through using our form on each cat page

• Adoption Fees - our adoption fees are £100 per kitten 6 months or younger, and £80 per cat or kitten over 6 months. All cats/kittens are vaccinated, microchipped, deflead and wormed, blood tested for FIV/FELV, and had a health check by a vet and come with 4 weeks free insurance. If adopting a kitten older than 4 months they are already neutered, if not a voucher is issued to cover the full cost of neutering.
If adopting a RCO/mouser an adoption fee of £40 per cat applies towards the veterinary costs of neutering and vet health checks. 

• Paying adoption fees - you'll need to be able to pay the adoption fee via BACS, either your own account or someone paying on your behalf (Payment Reference to the CP name of the cat/kitten you're adopting), or by cash.
• Virtual Home visits - we may ask you to take us on a virtual tour of your house and garden, either during a video call or via photos
• Unless otherwise stated, we will not be able to adopt cats/kittens with homes with children under 8. Due the differing social and home lives of our fosterers we're not able to thoroughly cat/dog/child test all residents.

• Each cat is assessed on a case by case basis, so please don't be offended by lots of questions as we try to make each adoption the best fit possible for each cat and potential adopter.

• Be supported. You’ll receive a follow-up call and we are always here for any further queries you may have. You can also find help and advice on the Cats Protection website at


If you don't see a cat or kitten you would like to consider, please check our Facebook page as they are often posted there first. We often have a waiting list of people wanting to bring in cats so there may be more cats available than we actually show on the web site.

Our adoption fee is £80 per cat over 4 months of age; this ensures that your cat is tested and free from FIV and FeLV, micro chipped and vaccinated fully, including the FeLV vaccination. All cats are free of fleas, wormed and have medical treatment where necessary. All older kittens and adults are neutered/spayed. 

The adoption fee per kitten aged between 8 weeks and 6 months is £100. They receive the standard veterinary treatment as described above, plus the new owner will receive a voucher to cover the full cost of neutering. 

You can find out more about adopting a cat from Cats Protection here

Support Cats Protection Sleaford & District Branch

None of our vital work would be possible without you. There are many ways you can be there for cats and kittens in Sleaford.

There are many ways to help....
If you are a cat lover, please try your best to support your local Sleaford & District Cats Protection.  We have rehome over 200 cats and kittens each year -  an awful lot of mouths to feed, litter to change, running  about to do.  We are always looking for willing helpers in all sort of things, so if  you love cats, please contact us to see if you can help. 

1)         Donate via

Did you know you could make donations to Sleaford Cats Protection without it costing you a penny? Instead, by using on-line services, the companies you use make us a donation on your behalf – whether it is a treat for your cat or dinner for you.  So as you grocery shop, order books, do your car insurance or any of the other services you complete on-line - why not generate a donation as you go?

Just 3 easy steps to follow:-

a)     Register at

b)    Choose ‘Sleaford and District Cats Protection’ as your charity

c)     Shop as usual!

Over 3,000 retailers registered – Shopping, Insurance, Holidays, Phones, Banking, and Utilities – just about every major retailer.

Just log onto, complete your online tasks and earn free donations for Sleaford and District Cats Protection.

2)    Come and visit our Amazon Wishlist

              We have a wishlist on Amazon if you would rather send us some much needed food, cat beds or toys to keep the little ones occupied - everything is welcome and very much appreciated. All you have to do is click on the link below and it will get you direct to our wishlist. Chose what you would like to donate and go  to the checkout where you will get ask for the delivery address. The Sleaford Cats Protection delivery address should be one of the option and the item will be send direct to us. Thanks a lot in advance...

3)         Join us on Facebook

Search for ‘Cats Protection Sleaford and District Branch’. Why not upload photos of your adopted Cats Protection Cat or even just share some of our posts?  The more people that know about the adorable cats and kittens in our care, the more we can re-home!

4)         Follow us on X (formerly Twitter) @SleafordCP

5)         Find us on Instagram - sleaford_cats_protection

6)         Donate food in our food bins in Tesco Sleaford and Quarrington Medivets

Bought a new food but cat doesn’t like? Cat eats 3 flavours but not the 4th? Please donate us unwanted cat food – wet or dry.  This goes towards feeding some of the many, many mouths in our care.  Just look for the bright yellow bin behind the tills at Sleaford Tesco or in the foyer at Quarrington Medivets.

7)         Donate us your unwanted items

We always need items for tombola and Raffle Prizes, bric-a-brac for table top sales and boot fairs, as well as books, CD's, DVD's, clothes etc.

8)       Sponsor a cat

Support a Cat in the care of CP - makes a purrrfect gift AND you can opt for Sleaford branch receive your funds

9)       Weekly Lottery

Sign up online for just £1 a week - 1st prize is £1,000

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Gifts In Wills

Other ways to give

Other ways to give

Fundraising events for cats in Sleaford

Want to fundraise for cats in Sleaford by taking part in one of our events? From summer fêtes to epic sporting challenges, we’d love to see you at one of our fundraising events soon. You can also check out the national Cats Protection events calendar here.

Sorry, there are currently no events available at the moment.

Volunteer at Cats Protection Sleaford & District Branch

Without volunteers, Cats Protection Sleaford & District Branch simply wouldn't exist. Our amazing, friendly volunteers are a diverse group with a shared love of cats who fit volunteering around their home lives and personal commitments.

We're often looking to welcome new volunteers to join our brilliant team. As well as meeting great people and making an incredible difference to the cats of Sleaford, you'll enjoy practical benefits such as discounted pet insurance. You can find out more about volunteering for Cats Protection here.



What is a fosterer? Well, essentially someone who looks after a cat or kitten under Cats Protection (CP) care. This could be a stray, signed over cats, wandering toms, mummies and babies…anything that is a domestic feline really! CP provides outside pens and their electric supply, litter, food, veterinary expenses and consumables. The fosterer supplies care, attention and fuss and generally acts as the temporary maid and butler to the feline until a permanent one comes along. Although CP does have multi-pen adoption centres in some of the major cities out here in the country we are all volunteers. This is a very rewarding task but although there are lovely fluffy kittens and cuddly older pusses there are also the 4 “P”S of animal welfare…poo, puke, pee and pus – so not really suitable for those of a delicate disposition! Experience and liking for cats as a pet owner is essential but other fosterers will mentor any newbies and there are also some really good courses run by HQ that take place periodically in the local area (often in Lincoln for us). So, you don’t need to be an expert or a veterinary nurse or female…just enthusiastic and happy to work as a team. Chaps are short on the ground apart from pressganged spouses and partners so are very welcome- don’t be shy!

Some of our fosterers use a dedicated spare room in their house (which does limit the types of cat/kitten that are appropriate e.g. most definitely NOT a very aromatic newly caught tomcat!). Most of our fosterers use a dedicated and specially built outside pen laid on slabs similar to those seen in a commercial cattery. Fosterers can have a single pen or several pens but we encourage people to start with one at first.

As it costs quite a lot to set up a fosterer (about £4000 a pen when all costs are factored in) you do need to be sure that this is for you as we need to be sure you can volunteer for at least 3-5 years. You also need to be either an owner-occupier or have a secure long term lease to be an outside fosterer or just your landlord’s permission for inside fostering...

If all of the above applies to you…please join us!! Either ring our telephone line on 07917 517394 or contact us via Facebook, message on our page “Cats Protection Sleaford and District” or speak to anyone you know at Sleaford CP and they will point you in the right direction. Please be prepared to leave a message if no-one is in.  We will get back to you.

Lost and found cats in Sleaford

Have you lost or found a cat in Sleaford? We’re here to help you. To report a lost cat, or if you have found a cat in the Sleaford area, please email us at

We will need the following information:

  • a photo (if possible) of your missing cat
  • name of your cat
  • age
  • sex
  • description of cat (any special markings, colour, coat length etc)
  • whether it is neutered
  • if micro-chipped
  • wearing a collar (if yes, which colour)
  • where the cat is missing from
  • when the cat was last seen
Please include a contact number to ring you back on - thank you!

We shall use your information to produce a poster to share on our social media that you can print out and display in the local area. We will also post them in the 'Lost Cats' section of our website, please see link below.
All lost cats will be listed on our website for 6 months, if you wish us to keep your cat on for longer then please advise us to do so after the six months.

Lost, found and feral cats

Lost Cats

Found Cats

Sleaford & District - Contact Details

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