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Can you help us?
We need more FOSTERERS...
Could you volunteer for a job with lots of highs, some lows and no payment,
except knowing you are making a difference to some cats lives?
We are successful in rescuing and often restoring to health many cats and kittens, the more fosterers we have, the more cats and kittens we can assist!



Fostering is very rewarding, mostly great fun and you can play with and enjoy kittens without them wrecking your house, breaking your ornaments and killing your plants…! Or if your passion is hunky males or pretty cuddly teddies, some quite angry, some very scared …all ages, shapes, sizes, temperaments come our way.

However, there is also an element of hard work with lots of scrubbing and poo-clearing as well as occasional sadness when we have to PTS on health grounds, although this is rare, it does happen.

If you think you may be able to help please read the points below, and then contact us if you would like to discuss in more detail.

To be a fosterer you do:
- need to be able to make at least a 3 year commitment
- need to be the owner of the property or have written permission from the landlord
- need to be able to drive - to collect supplies, attend vets appointments, meeting etc
- need to have room for a cattery style pen in your garden we can have electricity connected to
- need be able to collect supplies including large bags of litter, biscuits etc
- need to be happy speaking to members of the public both on the phone and in person when they visit your foster cats
- be able to use email and print/scan documents to/from email
- need to be physically able to scrub pens, as well as deal with poo, vomit, worms etc.