Lost and Found

We have a direct email contact for 
lost & found cats, please email:
along with:

- a photo (if possible) of your missing cat
- name of you cat
- age 
- sex
- colour of cat (any special markings)
- whether it is neutered
- micro-chipped
- wearing a collar (if yes, which colour)
- area the cat is missing from
- since when the cat is missing

Please include a contact number to ring you back on - thank you!

All lost cats will be listed on our website for 6 months, if you wish us to keep your cat on for longer then please advise us to do so after the six months.

Lost Cat Information 

  • Don't panic! Make sure you’ve checked all nooks and crannies in the house/garden. Sometimes they like a change of routine just to frighten their owners!- Contact local vets - Foxhall, Kirks, Riverside, Quarrington 
  • They all keep a list of lost and found andthe cat may be have reported as 'found' to them. People tend to take and report animals to their vet rather than the closest.
  • Contact other charities  - RSPCA, HART, Lincs Arc, Lincoln Cat Care etc
  • Put some of the dirty litter out in the garden - they may pick up on the smell if they’re wandering in circles
  • Have someone they love in the family wear an old t-shirt/jumper and get it really hot and sweaty, tearit in strips and tie them round the garden - again they might pick up on the smell (renew if it rains)
  • Knock on doors/put slips through doors asking people to check sheds garages etc.  Cats travel further then you think!
  • Speak to anyone who comes into your area on a regular basis - postman, newspaper delivery, milkman, dog walkers, school children etc
  • Posters in local area shops, notice boards, vets, pet shops, newsagents
  • Make yourself known as the crazy cat lady by walking the streets calling the cats and making a sound that usually brings them running - shaking biscuits, treats, tapping bowl etc
  • If micro-chipped contact the Petlog on 0844 4633 999
  • Contact the waste department of the local council- they are responsible for collecting any animals found at the side of the road
  • Register missing cat at www.animalsearchuk.co.uk
  • Use social media – Facebook/Twitter etc If you aren’t registered as a user, ask someone to post on your behalf
  • Keep a list of all those organisations your contacted so that when they are found you can let everyone know!

Cats have been reunited weeks/months and even years after being reported missing so please don’t give up hope!