Adopting an older cat

Photo of older catWe often have older residents who are searching for their forever families. Sometimes we can have these senior kitties with us for a while because they get overlooked in favour of kittens and younger cats, but they really do have great benefits of their own!

What you see is what you get!

Adopting an older cat means that what you see really is what you get! The cat has already developed their personality so there will be no surprise personality traits in the future to deal with. The loving affection kitty you meet in their cat pen will be the same loving kitty when you take them in to your home.

Older cats are much less destructive!

Kittens and younger cats are more likely to run round your house, knocking things over, chewing things up and scratching your furniture; they are also more likely to have toilet mishaps for you to clean up! Older cats have got over the excitement of youth and are much happier to sit and enjoy your company and a good fuss.

Older cats have more common sense!

Kittens are much more likely to get into trouble, ingest toxic substances, fall from window ledges and to wander off and get lost. Older cats have learned the lessons of youth and are a better choice for busy families who don’t want the hassle of supervising a young cat for long hours. Older cats are also likely to be much more used to younger children and will be less likely to get injured by them as they will know when it’s time to run and get out of the way!

Cats are living longer!

With advances in veterinary care and more protective and informed owners cats can expect to live way into their teens quite happily, so taking on an older cat doesn’t mean you will have to say your goodbyes too soon; you could have many, many happy years of love and fuss ahead for both of you!

Owning a ‘senior kittizen’ can be a wonderful and rewarding experience and you can be happy knowing that you have given an older feline a loving home in which to spend their retirement years, which can be fantastic for both of you!