A pregnant feral cat called Cleo - who was not feral at all...

We had a lady phone in about a cat who was heavily pregnant, Cleopatra. The lady thought Cleo was feral so our Trap, Neuter and Return Volunteer, Becky, managed to trap Cleo and brought her into the vets to be neutered. Becky strongly suspected that Cleo was not as feral as she was told. The vets soon confirmed that Cleo was extremely friendly so they asked what Cats Protection wanted to do. We decided she could stay with us in foster care for a week or two until she gave birth and then until the kittens were weaned. Four weeks later we were all still waiting for the birth and Cleo was growing bigger by the day. Yesterday, March 2nd, it finally happened and Cleo is now the proud mum of 5 healthy plump little kittens, 2 pure black, one black with a teeny white tip on the end of its tail and 2 gorgeous grey kittens. Both mum and babies are doing brilliantly, all eating and drinking just as a kitten should.

Cleo before!
Cleo before giving birth

Cleo after!

Our foster mummy, Hannah, provided all different types of bed but there were none so good as the cardboard box!