Cat Neutering

In 2009 alone Cats Protection provided help with arranging the neutering of 162,811 cats

Benefits and importance of neutering

Cats Protection supports and encourages the neutering of all cats and kittens. Every year we have to find homes for over 55,000 unwanted cats and kittens. Our comprehensive neutering programmes involve approximately 150,000 cats every year.

The benefits of neutering are huge:

  • Financial - Neutered cats cost less to feed and are less likely to get sick or injured, saving you money
  • Social - There are too many unwanted cats in the UK, we don’t need more. Neutering also reduces cats’ likelihood to roam, fight, spray and otherwise be a nuisance
  • Health-improving - neutered cats are generally healthier

Did you know?

  • One female cat can, in five years, be responsible for 20,000 descendants and many of these must inevitably become homeless, with a life that offers only misery, hunger and disease. Neutering promotes a more satisfactory and enjoyable pet.
  • A neutered male will be much less inclined to spray about the house and leave an unpleasant smell. He should also be less likely to wander or fight.
  • There is a common misconception that a female cat should be allowed to have one litter of kittens before being spayed. A cat has no anticipation of motherhood, there is no benefit to the cat from having a litter. A cat only recognises a kitten when it squeals at her the first time she gives birth. This first experience provides the memory. Therefore it is kinder to spay before the first pregnancy.
  • Neutering also decreases the risk of acquiring FeLV (Feline Leukaemia Virus) and FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). Both of these diseases can be transmitted at the time of mating. FIV is also commonly seen in males that fight a lot (transmission via saliva). Making them less territorial will therefore decrease the risk of disease.
  • Both male and female cats can be neutered from five months old (please be guided by your vet).

Help with the cost

If you receive benefits or are on a low income we may be able to help with the cost of having your cat neutered.

We may be able to provide a part-payment voucher which will be sent direct to your vet and will contribute £26 towards the cost of female spaying or £20 towards the cost of male castration. You will need to pay the remainder of the amount directly to your vet.

Please contact us on 0345 260 1076 or email to find out more.

Please do not book an appointment with your vet to neuter your cat until you have spoken to us about requesting a voucher. If we are able to issue a voucher to help neuter your cat then this will be sent directly to your vet. Most vets will not make an appointment until they have received a voucher from us. We apologise if it takes longer than you'd like for us to get in touch about your request for  voucher - we are currently receiving a large number of requests for vouchers and our volunteers are working through them strictly in the order in which they are received.