We have an adoption fee of £40 per cat homed by us.  This amount is the same as both the Alness and Inverness Branches.  All cats homed by our branch are neutered (if adult cats), vaccinated and microchipped.  If a kitten is homed before it's second vaccination, we cover the cost of this.   When the time comes to have the kitten neutered (around 4 months) we pay the full cost of this and at the same time have the cat microchipped, again at our expense.  As you will see, the £40 adoption fee would not cover the cost of all this treatment.

To allow us to carry out the above, we fundraise throughout the year and we  would like to make it clear that all money raised in and around this area by fundraising,  is spent solely on stray cats and kittens taken in by our branch.

Cats Protection as an organisation rehomes around 60,000 cats in the course of one year.  Volunteers at Tain & District Branch are trying in our small way to  home the many stray and abandoned cats and kittens which come into our care each year. Please do not feel you should allow your cat to have one litter of kittens. Many folks think this way, but we are still faced with many unwanted kittens. Please have your cats neutered at 4 months old if they are not to be used for breeding purposes .  Neutering helps to stop male cats fighting and female cats having up to three litters of kittens per year.

We would also point out that cats from the same litter will breed.  Often we are told that owners did not bother to have their cats neutered as they were brother and sister.  This is not the case - all cats whether they are related or not will breed with each other.   Over a five year period, one cat could be responsible for 20,000 offspring!!

Some cats rehome very quickly, but some are with us for some considerable time.  In the main the cats who are with us longer are the 'older' ones.  Some people think that a cat is old at the age of 5.  Over the years we have taken in cats as old as 17 who enjoyed their new home until the ripe old age of 22.  Please don't overlook the older cat.  They are usually very settled and are well past the naughty 'kitten' stage.

We carry out home visits prior to homing any of the cats in our care, when any queries or worries can be dealt with.  I know this must worry some people, but it is only making sure that the appropriate cat is rehomed with the appropriate family.

We often are asked to rehome feral cats.   Unfortunately feral cats are not suited to being kept in pens, and we can only offer  to trap, neuter and return them to where they are living as a colony.  Once a colony is neutered, it should become kitten free.  To remove a colony is to invite, within a matter of weeks, another colony to come in and take over that space, where they know there is a food source readily available.  If you can offer a home to a feral cat or cats, please contact us.

As we are all volunteers, our telephone line is not manned 24 hours a day.  If we are unable to answer, please leave a message and someone will return your call as soon as possible.  Any delay in replying will be down to work commitment.

Our Telephone Number is:   0345 3712737 - our email address is: or

Cats Protection do have an extensive range of leaflets giving all sorts of down to earth information about keeping and looking after kittens and cats.  These leaflets can be downloaded from the website -
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