Adopt a cat

Can we ask that you think very carefully before deciding to adopt a cat or kitten, as owning any pet, is a long-term commitment.

We can understand the attraction of adopting a cute little kitten but they do require lots of attention and do get up to all sorts of mischief when they become bored.  For instance they can thoroughly enjoy running up your curtains, when perhaps you are out at work, or even using your furniture as a scratching post.  Having said that they give you lots and lots of fun.

If it is a quieter and calmer cat you would prefer to home, why don't you consider an adult or slightly older cat.  These cats have usually been used to living in a household, sometimes with babies, children, dogs or other cats and with their natures being established, you can then decide if these type of cats would suit your way of life. 

Prior to re-homing all cats and kittens in our care are:

Fully vet checked, neutered (kittens should be neutered at 4 months - adult cats will already be neutered before rehoming.  They will also be microchipped, vaccinated,  and have received treatment for ticks/fleas/worms.  They also come with 4 weeks free insurance with Petplan and it is up to the new owner to decide if they would like to carry on the policy with Petplan or similar after that.

As you can imagine to carry out the above is quite an expensive outlay, not counting the overall cost of the cat(s) stay in our care.  The adoption fee helps in a small way to covering these costs and our adoption fee is £55 per cat and £90 if adopting two cats.

When we receive an enquiry regarding adopting a certain cat in our care, we usually hear from prospective owners through social media or our website.    We would also ask if you live in owned or rented accommodation.  If in rented accommodation, we would ask for written proof from your landlord that they are quite happy for you to adopt a cat/kitten.  When we receive this information, we can then go ahead with a phone call to you for a chat to discuss the cat.  

Paperwork and Payment

Following on the from the above, the cat(s)' paperwork will be sent to you via email.  This will include the Medical Summary, details of Petplan Insurance, Health & Safety guidelines as to the delivery of your cat(s) and the Adoption Form, which will have to be signed by you and returned, again by email, to us.  Payment is to  be sent to the branch by bank transfer in advance of the adoption.