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Adopt a cat

There are a number of reasons why cats come into our care.  Some are thrown out, when their owners are tired of the responsibility of owning a cat.  Others are left behind when people move home and forced to fend for themselves, picking up food when and if they can.
When there is a bereavement in the family, sometimes no one is able to give the cat a home.  We are quite happy to try to find homes for cats in these circumstances, but because of lack of space and resources, it is not always possible for us to take the cat into our care.  If a family is willing to feed the cat and look after its welfare, we generally are able to advertise the cat on our website, or other cat welfare websites, to assist with the rehoming of the cat.  
Older cats are often overlooked when people are looking to give a cat a home.  The best about adopting an older cat is that they are more settled and are less likely to wander than their younger counterparts.  Please do consider an older cat too when looking to adopt a cat.

Shy or nervous cats so often get overlooked too, yet these can be the most loyal and loving of pets once you have gained their trust. Please do consider giving a loving and patient home to an unsure cat.
What happens if my cat falls ill after I get him/her home? Can I get my money back?

We  will do everything we can to help you should you have problems with your cat. We will let you know should your cat have any pre-existing illnesses before you take him/her home and we do this because we want to make sure they are cared for and receive the right veterinary treatment. We always offer support once you have taken your cat home.

I can’t afford the adoption fee, but would love to rehome a CP cat. Can I still have one?

Obviously owning a cat comes with regular costs for food, accessories and vet bills. As a charity we have to be very mindful of our finances but, of course, we are always grateful to anyone who can rehome one of our cats. We will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

Thank you again for choosing Cats Protection and for all your support. We are sure you and your new cat will have a happy and fulfilling life together