Animal Search UK

Feline Friends Reunited

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We have joined forces with the leading search service for pets in Britain to help reunite more lost cats with their owners.

We are now able to direct people to the Animal Search UK website from its online lost and found page. The site is free to use and helps to reunite owners with lost pets.

It can be extremely distressing for an owner to lose their much loved cat so we hope that by directing people to a national database for lost pets we can increase the chances of a happy reunion.

Tom Watkins,former police officer and Founder of Animal Search UK, added "The website is completely free of charge to use. Not only does it enable users to add up to 4 photos of a missing family pet, or in fact a pet that has been found straying, it also has a sophisticated mapping system that automatically matches lost and found reports dependant on their location in relation to one another.

Animal Search UK also offers one of the largest networks of Pet Patrollers with over 20,000 volunteers keeping an eye out for any type of lost or found pet throughout the UK. When a pet is reported as missing the Pet Patrollers in that area are alerted, with the owner's permission, so that they can keep an eye out.

We recommend microchipping as a safe and permanent means of identification, encourages owners to ensure they keep their registered contact details up to date, and ensures all its cats and kittens over 12 weeks of age are microchipped before rehoming.