It is often perceived because of our name, Cats Protection, every Branch is a large one with lots of space to house stray and abandoned cats.  Our Group is a very small one consisting of 8 people, five of whom are fosterers, each with a double pen in their gardens.  This is the only accommodation we have to house stray and abandoned cats/kittens.   It is very difficult, therefore, to take in every cat when asked.   The nature of the medical problems or behaviour problems some cats may have, we can have a cat in our care for many months.  We sometimes require Indoor Fosterers who will look after kittens, who for some reason have no mother and require very careful nursing.  Indoor kitten pens are supplied along with any food required

Fundraising is a very important part of our work, as the money raised enables us to purchase equipment, and any other items, which are required to allow us to carry out our work, with the many cats and kittens who come into our care.

We are desperately looking for a Fundraising Team Leader who will perhaps manage to attract a few like minded people, who enjoy fundraising.  They would be responsible for booking the events, collecting items for sale, also someone who has new ideas on how we could raise much needed funds. 

We also require volunteers to help us trap and transport the many feral cats which are neutered each year.  Trapping is a very important part of our volunteering work.  Cats can have 3 litters of kittens per year and if not trapped and neutered, can quickly become an out of control colony.

If you are interested in helping us in any way, please contact us on:


taincats@aol.com or jardij@aol.com

0345 3712737