It is Cats Protection policy to promote the neutering of all cats from 4 months old.  We are often asked why should male cats be neutered, as they don't have kittens.

The following show some of the benefits of having both male and female cats neutered.

Female cats not having up to 3 pregnancies a year and in danger of eventually producing weak and deformed kittens.  A risk of breast cancer.

Male cats are less likely to wander, reducing their chances of being involved in road traffic accidents.  Less likely to be involved in fights with other cats and possibly being infected with fatal diseases such as FELV (Feline Leukaemia Virus) and FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus).

A common misconception is that brother and sister cats won't mate - THEY WILL!!!

Neutering also reduces the chance of the cat spraying in the home.  This in turn reduces stress for the owners and increasing the cat's chances of being a much loved member of the family.


We run 2 neutering campaigns per year - one in March and one in November.  This allows owners to have their cat(s) neutered and microchipped at a total cost to them of only £10 per cat. 

There is always help available throughout the year as we supply vouchers to the value of £25 for help to neuter a male cat and £40 to help with the neutering of a female cat, with the owners paying the balance.

The information we would require from owners is:

Their name, address, postcode, telephone number, the cat's name/sex/age and the name of the vet practice they will be using.

We will then send a neutering voucher directly to the vet practice and when the owner either drops the cat(s) off or collects them, they will sign the voucher and be given a copy of it too.

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