What we do


Cats Protection has THREE main aims.

To encourage neutering of all cats and kittens from 4 months old.

In the case of feral cats and kittens, they would be neutered and returned to their original site.  They will also receive one vaccination and any other treatment deemed necessary to make them comfortable.  If for some reason they cannot go back to their original site, every effort is made to try and relocate them to a rural area on farms/stables/crofts.

To rescue and rehome cats and kittens of all ages. 

Cats and kittens are rescued and rehomed for many different reasons:  they may be unwanted due to personal allergies, owner moving home, death of their owner,  having to enter a retirement home, found, lost or straying or they could just have been abandoned.

To help members of the public on cat care.

This help would include answering any questions they may have which is also an important part of our work.  Cat care leaflets can be obtained from the Essential Guides Section on the main Cats Protection website.


Cats Protection does not provide a cattery or boarding service, as these premises require a license.   Cats Protection does not recommend individual catteries, but may suggest you have a look at the FAB (Feline Advisory Bureau) website to perhaps find a local cattery.