Welcome to Telford & District Cats Protection

Telford & District Cats Protection is one of a network of over 230 volunteer run branches and 32 Cat Adoption Centres covering the UK. Run by a small group of cat adoring volunteers, we work hard to improve the lives of cats and kittens throughout the area. We are proud of never putting down a healthy cat, and our vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness.

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Adopt a cat - would you like to give one of our cats a furrever home? Find out everything you need to know here.

Neutering - neutering cats is so important, and means less unwanted pregnancies. Cats Protection champions neutering as the only effective way to reduce the number of abandoned cats. Find out if we can help you neuter your cat for free here.

Volunteer or donate - we are run entirely by volunteers and our cats and kittens rely on the help of your kind donations. Find out more about volunteering here, or if you’d like to donate, click here. 

Amazon wish list - alternatively you can buy a gift of toys, food, or anything off our wishlist to help support the cats and kittens in our care.

What’s new- here you’ll find blogs on everything from seasonal campaigns, news, and heartwarming adoption stories, to important information for cat owners and details of how you can get involved in petitions and other things we are passionate about. Click here to browse our articles.