Frequently asked questions

I can no longer keep my cat. Can you help?
We re-home a large number of cats per year and do home visiting to ensure that cats go to a good home. We have limited places available, so at times operate a waiting list system. When we expect to be full to capacity for the foreseeable future, we unfortunately have to close this list. Please check our News section to find out if our waiting list is currently open, and if so call Welfare on 01952 305645 to register your cat. This doesn't commit you to handing over your cat to us, so please register with us as soon as possible. 
A family member has an allergy to cats. What should I do? 
Contact your doctor if you haven't done so already. It is worth trying a product called Petal Cleanse, available from Boots, which is applied to the cat but please read the instructions first. 
Can you help with my vet bills? 
We are primarily here to help cats that don't have owners, and the only financial assistance we can offer is for discounted neutering. The PDSA provide veterinary services for people on benefits; see their website for more information: 
Can you help with ferals / semi-ferals? 
Unfortunately we don't have the facilities to take in cats that are not tame enough to be handled. We have occasional enquiries from people who would like semi-ferals for vermin control, so are happy to take your details to pass on to them. 
We are also able to lend you a trap so that you can take your cat to the vet for neutering. We charge a deposit which is refunded on return of the trap.
Can you rehome my Bengal / Somali cat? 
Sorry we are not able to take in these two breeds of cat. We recommend you try a specialist organisation.
Your waiting list is full. Who else can I contact? 
There are a number of rescues in Shropshire who may be able to help.  We would recommend that you contact as many as possible; a comprehensive list can be found on Cat Chat here

You could also try contacting one of these organisations: 
These shelters are often also full to capacity, so we suggest advertising your cat privately or asking family or friends if they are able to adopt the cat.
My neighbour has moved house and left their cat behind. What should I do? 
Abandonment is a criminal offence and you should first contact the RSPCA Cruelty Line on 0300 1234 999. See their website for further contact details:
I suspect a stray cat has mange. What should I do? 
Please ring the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999. 
I've lost my cat. Is it with you? 
As we have limited places, we probably don't have your cat in our care. But PLEASE ring Lost & Found on 01952 305645. We advertise lost and found cats both on our website and facebook to help reunite lost cats with their owners. See the Lost & Found section of this website for more help finding your cat. 
I've found a cat. Can I keep it?
You need to have made a reasonable attempt to find the cat's owner before you can adopt this cat. This should include contacting Lost & Found on 01952 305645, phoning all of the local vets in your area, putting up posters and putting a note on the cat's collar.
Can I visit your shelter? 
Unfortunately we do not have a shelter and our cats are cared for by volunteers in their own homes. Therefore we usually only allow visits by people who would like to adopt a cat or kitten from us. 
What is your postal address? 
Our address is: 22 St. Mary's Street, Newport, TF10 7AB.
Where can I donate food / cat litter? 
We have a food donation box at Haygate Veterinary Centre, Wellington. Link to Haygate's website.
Alternatively, these items can be donated at our shop at 22, St. Mary's Street, Newport.
Where is my nearest vets / pet shop / cattery? 
Can I donate bric-a-brac / books / clothes? 
Yes, please bring them to our shop in St. Mary's Street, Newport, if possible. All proceeds from the shop go to Telford and District Branch. See Events section for upcoming events. 
Do you cover Shrewsbury? 
No, sorry, Shrewsbury branch is currently closed and we do not have any volunteers in that area. 
A list of Shropshire rescue organisations can be found on Cat Chat here